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How strategic planning is changing

There are some important changes in strategic planning and how organisations are approaching this. The ‘traditional’ approach to strategic planning – a one-off intensive project to produce and document a […]

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Your strategic wish is my delivery command

‘Making it happen’ is often the hardest part of strategic planning. The strategy has been formulated, after much analysis, assessment, debate and decision-making; the changes and actions required to implement […]

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Dynamic strategy

Two years ago in autumn 2019 I was helping a UK healthcare organisation with a ‘demand and capacity planning model’ to enable them to project what beds and staffing they […]

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Social Craftspersons, Artful Interpreters and Known Strangers

What does it take to be an effective strategic planner? The traditional view of strategic planning practitioners focuses on their abilities as strategic thinkers and analytical planners: how well-versed they […]

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Why strategy is a journey

I came across this cartoon recently, and it seemed an apt metaphor for how strategy actually happens in organisations compared to the ‘traditional’ view of strategic planning:   It is […]

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Strategic planning then and now

Let’s consider three typical ‘traditional’ approaches to strategic planning: the ‘strategic plan project‘, where the organisation undertakes an intensive exercise over 2-3 months to produce a document for Board approval, […]

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The conversations of strategy

In essence, the aim of strategic planning is to enable the organisation to make sense of its situation and decide how it wants to develop in the future – so […]

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The questions of strategy

Much of what is written about strategy focuses on the tools and techniques used in the process of developing strategy – SWOT and the myriad of other matrices that fill […]

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The perspectives of strategy

I had the privilege recently of working with a management team to help them strengthen their strategic thinking capabilities (they wanted to contribute more to their organisation’s strategy development, but […]

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Strategy and Culture

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ (or ‘for lunch’, depending on which version of the often-repeated phrase one prefers). Usually attributed as a verbal quote by Peter Drucker (the evidence is […]

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The Power of Purpose

I came across this video recently (courtesy of a post on Linkedin) from Smith & Nephew, the global medical devices company, about their purpose. It’s powerful and motivational (as was […]

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Strategy hot, cold or lukewarm

A few weeks ago I presented an online Masterclass for a University Management School about ‘Strategy in a time of uncertainty’, and some of the questions set me thinking about […]

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“Strategy is more about learning than it is about planning”

Henry Mintzberg made this comment in his recent video blog (Hoping for the best is not an acceptable strategy). Although the blog was about the coronavirus pandemic rather than specifically […]

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Strategy in Troubled Times

These are such strange and troubled times. The priority is saving lives, then saving livelihoods. Organisations have had to react to the sudden disruption of ‘business as usual’, working out […]

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The Maths and Music of Strategic Planning

Dry, complicated, remote, academic – many people’s impressions about strategic planning are remarkably similar to the popular stereotypes about mathematics: that both are the domains of a few select experts […]

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A New View of Strategic Planning

I’ve been reflecting recently on how my thinking about strategic planning started to evolve during the early years of my work with organisations to help them develop and implement their […]

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